LKH Associates, LLC.

LKH Associates, LLC. is a management consulting firm focused on helping businesses solve the complex challenges and decisions facing their company today.  LKH Associates have helped many clients identify improvements through intelligent application of knowledge and technology.  We understand the business process is a balance of efficient processes and technology solutions.


Over the years, LKH Associates has earned a reputation for excellence in the field of consulting services.  We offer recommendations and support for every process and structure within your company, from short-term solutions to long-term goals.


Knowledge and Experience

LKH Associates consultants average over 20 years experience. We regularly update our knowledge of industry trends, technology applications, and vendor pricing.  Because we are vendor independent, we can provide objective recommendations on selecting the right mix of hardware, software, and services that yield the highest return from people and technology.  



As a specialized consulting firm, we are uncommonly focused and flexible. This means our clients receive superior attention and ultimately greater value!



Our professional team delivers an array of solutions to help you attain your goals.  Our consultants offer a personal touch to any project and have extensive experience and expertise.  



We work collaboratively with you for a successful project outcome!

Committed to Results

Our approach to projects yields quantifiable long-lasting results for our clients.  Each consulting engagement involves a process of defining the expected business outcomes that become a measurement of our success.


Clients continually ask us back!

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